Emiko Stock | Department of Anthropology | Cornell University  
PhD Candidate | Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow


2005-2007 | PhD coursework, Social Anthropology & Ethnology, Nanterre Université, France.

2005 | M. A. - with honors, Social Anthropology & Ethnology, Nanterre Université, France.

2004 | M. A. - with honors, Cambodian Language & Civilization, INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations), Paris, France.

2003 | B. A. coursework | Society & Anthropology, U. Paris V Descartes – Sorbonne, Paris, France.

2001 | B. A. | Cambodian Language & Civilization, INALCO, Paris, France.

2001 | License coursework | Royal University of Fine Arts, Archaeology, Phnom Penh.


Refereed Journal Articles

2016 | “Two Rituals, a Bit of Dualism and Possibly Some Inseparability: ‘And so that’s how we say that Chams and Khmers are one and the same’ ’’, Sojourn Journal, ISEAS – Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.

2012 | « Au delà des ethnonymes. A propos de quelques exonymes et endonymes chez les musulmans du Cambodge », (Beyond Ethnonyms. Notes on some Exonyms and Endonyms Used Among Muslims in Cambodia), Moussons, 20, IRSEA, Aix-en-Provence, 141-160.

2009 | « Parce que Champa et Cambodge ne faisaient qu’un… Quand les esprits s’emmêlent pour tisser la trame d’une histoire passée sur le métier d’une intégration présente », (Inviting Champa, Welcoming Cambodia: Performing Ancient Spirits to Commemorate Past History and Present Integration), Udaya, Phnom Penh, 243-275.


Book Chapters

Forthcoming | “ ‘For ‘Ali Is Our Ancestor’: Cham Sayyids’ Shi’a Trajectories from Cambodia to Iran”, edited volume “Shi’a Minorities in the Contemporary World: Migration, Transnationalism and Multilocality’’, Center for Islamic Studies, Chester University, Edinburgh University Press.

2016 | ‘’La société civile cambodgienne: ruptures, incertitudes et ingérences étrangeres’’, (Cambodian Civil Society: Ruptures, Uncertainties, Foreign Interferences), co-written with B. Formoso, in Sociétés Civiles en Asie du Sud Est. Entre pilotage d’Etat et initiatives citoyennes, B. Formoso ed., ENS Eds, Lyon.

2010 | « Les communautés musulmanes du Cambodge: un aperçu », (Muslim Communities in Cambodia: An Overview) in Atlas des minorités musulmanes en Asie, Michel Gilquin ed., Paris CNRS - Bangkok IRASEC 183-216.

Trans-Media Works & Presentations

2013 – Ongoing | Various short ethnographic films from Cham weddings in Cambodia, shot and edited during fieldwork as a video ethnographer.

2017 | “Touching History: An Anthropology of Image-Thought (Chams | Sayyids | Cambodia | Iran)”, still and moving pictures presentation, Annual Visual Research Conference, American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Washington, D.C., November 27-29, 2017. 

2015 | ‘’Commute: Still(s) in (e)motions’’. Installation using film loops of 35mm B&W footage of 3-5 frames per second, collaborative exhibition Flux & Navigations, Mellon Expanded Practice Seminar, Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning.

2015 | ‘’The Wedding Picture’’, short film, Cornell Anthropology Film Symposium Animating Anthropology: Audiovisual Experiment in Ethnographic Practice, in Honor of Robert Ascher.

2010 | ‘’Chams: Syncretic Islamic Communities in Vietnam & Cambodia’’, Exhibition co-curator, East West Center, U. of Hawai’i at Manoa, Honolulu.

2009 | ‘’Ethnic groups in Cambodia’’, co-editor & photographer for the section about Cambodian Muslims, CAS Nokorwat Publishing, Phnom Penh, 635p. (In Khmer and English).

2008 | Clichés Chams column, writer & photographer, Ka-Set e-magazine (Khmer, English, French).

2007 | “O’Russei Once Upon a Time / O’Russei in Sangkum Time”, curator of an exhibition of the village 60’s archives & family portraits, O’Russei Village Mosque, Cambodia. (In Khmer).

2005 – 2007 | Assistant to Curation & Publication, Reyum Research Institute & Gallery, Phnom Penh. (In Khmer).


Invited Talks 


‘’Multiple Exposures: Towards a Visual Anthropology with Cham Muslims in Cambodia’’, Anthropological Society of Iran, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, September 22nd.

‘’The Making Of ‘Airwaves’: Acting Islam & Enacting Modernity in a Cambodian TV Drama’’, Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, January 14th.


2010 | ‘’Visualizing Cham Diversity in Cambodia: Oscillating between Photography and Ethnography’’, Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre Lectures, ISEAS – Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, April 14th.

2009 | ‘’From Photography to Ethnography: Back & Forth. Visualizing Cham Diversity in Cambodia’’, Reyum Research Institute & Gallery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (in Khmer).

2008 | “Chams & Khmers Relations: Two Photo-Ethnographic Case Studies”, Reyum (in Khmer).



“Moving Images: History’s unconscious Optics Within Family Photo Albums”, American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Washington DC, December 3rd.

“Moving Images: Archiving The “Difficult to Picture”, Symposium “Reframing the Archive: The Reuse of Film and Photographic Images in Postcolonial Southeast Asia”, SOAS, London, June 22nd.

“Do Hajji Babas' portraits sign toward an in-between? Some fieldnotes from Qom”, Biennial Symposia Iranica, University of Cambridge, UK, April 11th.

“Moving Images: History’s Unconscious Optics within Family Photo Albums”, Southeast Asia Program 19th Annual Graduate Students Conference, Cornell University, March 12th.


‘’Comfortably sitting in between: elements of Cambodian ‘Alid piety rethinking the Shi‘a / Sunni divide’’, conference “Shi’a Minorities in the Contemporary World: Migration, Transnationalism and Multilocality’’, Chester Center for Islamic Studies, University of Chester, UK, May 20-21st.

‘’Comfortably sitting in between: elements of Cambodian ‘Alid piety rethinking the Shi‘a / Sunni divide’’, “2nd International Conference on Shi’i Studies”, Islamic College, London, UK, May 7-8th.

2015 | ‘’For Ali is our ancestor’’: Cham Sayyids going (back) to Shi’a, from Cambodia to Iran’’, panel ‘’Bridging Southeast Asia and the Dar al-Islam: Fields Across Disciplinary and Regional Boundaries’’, Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Chicago, March 29th.

2014 | ‘’The Making Of ‘Airwaves’: Acting Islam & Enacting Modernity in a Cambodian TV Drama’’, American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Washington DC, December 5th.

2013 | ‘’Traveling Luck: Past Journeys & Present Mobility of Cham & Muslim Talismans’’, Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies Conference, University of Montréal, October 19th.

2011 | ‘’Notes from the field: A preliminary ethnographic overview of Cham blacksmiths in Cambodia’’, Workshop ‘’Archaeometallurgy in Cambodia’’, EFEO / CKS, Siem Reap, March 7th.


‘’Showing Culture, Displaying Tradition. When a ‘global’ exhibition raises ‘local’ stakes among Chams in Cambodia’’, Symposium ‘’Chams : Syncretic Islamic Communities in Vietnam and Cambodia’’, East West Center, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Jan. 22nd.

‘’Calling On Parents’ Genealogies, Calling Off Cambodian Muslim Uniformity: a few examples of kinship segments’’, International Seminar on Historical Relations between the Malay World & Indochina, History Department, Malaya University & EFEO, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Oct. 21st.

2008 | “Beyond ‘Ethnie’, Religion and Nation: about the Elasticity of the Social Borders among Chams”, brown bag lecture, Human Sciences Encounters, Phnom Penh, March 25th.

2007 | ‘’Inviting Champa, Welcoming Cambodia: Performing both Ancient Spirits to Commemorate Past History and Present Integration’’, Conference “Socio-cultural Issues of Champa, 175 Years After its Disappearance”, International Office of Champa, San Jose, CA.

On Campus Talks & Workshops

2017 | PhD dissertation workshop on Southeast Asian Studies, SEAGASE, McGill University & Université de Montréal, April 27-28th.

2016 | while Visiting Researcher at University of Religions & Denominations, Qom, Iran.

‘’Fieldwork Methodologies: Some Thoughts Inspired by Feminist Anthropologies’’, intervention in the graduate seminar ‘’Women and Penal Islam’’, April 2016.

‘’Comfortably sitting in between: elements of Cambodian ‘Alid piety rethinking the Shi‘a / Sunni divide’’, presentation to the Shia Studies Department faculty & graduate students, May2nd.

“Shi’a Studies Course”, University of Religions & Denominations, Qom, Iran. March 1-7th.

2015 |

“Religious Minorities in Asia”, Southeast Asia Research Center, City University of Hong Kong, June 12-13th.

“Critical Asia: cinema and the urban condition”, Cornell University, April 11th.

2014 | ‘’Inviting Champa, Welcoming Cambodia: Ritual articulations of contested historical memories’’, Cornell Southeast Asian Studies Annual Graduate Student Conference, March 2nd.

2013 | ‘’ ‘Coke, With or Without Whiskey?’ A Tentative Un-Definition of Cham Muslims in Cambodia’’, “Global Islam: Borders, Boundaries and Belonging(s). A Workshop for Community College Faculty at Cornell University”. Einaudi / SEAP / CERIS, November 16th.


French | fluent (speaking / reading / writing).

English | fluent (speaking / reading / writing).

Khmer | fluent (speaking / reading / writing).

Persian | elementary (I & II levels Dehkhoda Institute 2014/2015, University of Tehran, Iran).

Cham (Western) | elementary (speaking / reading / writing).

Japanese | conversational, elementary in reading and writing.









Professional Affiliations 

2013 - Current

AGSA (Anthropology Graduate Students Association), Cornell University.

SEAP (Southeast Asia Program) student committee, Cornell University.

2014 – 2015 | Co-chair, SEAP student committee, Cornell University.

2015 | Co-organizer, SEAP Annual Graduate Student Conference, Cornell University. 


Association for Asian Studies

2006 | Research Advisor, Sociology Master Program, Royal University of Phnom Penh.

2005 – 2007 | Co-founder, “Human Sciences Encounters”, Cambodian Studies scholars network.

2003 – 2004 | Conferences Coordinator, CKS (Center for Khmer Studies), Phnom Penh.



American Anthropological Association

Society for Visual Anthropology

Society for Humanistic Anthropology

Middle East Section

Non-Academic Employment 


2010 – 2012 | Associate Research Director, Indochina Research Ltd, Phnom Penh (Qualitative & Quantitative research design, market anthropology, ethnography in industry)


2001 – 2003 | Coordination Assistant, UNESCO, Cambodia (International Committee for the Development and the Conservation of Angkor). 


2000 – 2013 Independent Interpreter & Fixer, Cambodia (missions based)

Consecutive & simultaneous - Khmer | French | English

Fields: Architecture & Heritage / Audiovisual productions / Detention monitoring. 



Digital literacy | Final Cut Pro; Lightroom; Photoshop; Wordpress; basic html.

Quantitative literacy | Basic SPSS

Social Media Platforms Literacy | Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Blogs